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Startup lawyer and Intellectual Property (IP) specialist

Starting your own business but unsure where to start?

Many businesses struggle to find a commercial lawyer & IP specialist with deep technical expertise and extensive startup experience.

Founders & entrepreneurs often waste valuable time, miss opportunities and lose inertia figuring out their legal, IP & compliance needs. Entrepreneurs should focus on the main creative advantages they bring to their business, especially in the early stages. These creative advantages include innovation, branding or sales.

Success is rare without a competent & experienced team to help. How does an entrepreneur discern who can solve the challenges their early-stage business faces in a responsive and practical manner?

Our team includes James Wan, previously Harrison.ai's first general counsel. Harrison.ai raised A$158M in its first two years (incl. Australia's largest Series B round of A$129M) and formed partnerships with I-MED Radiology (Australia's leading medical imaging provider) and Sonic Healthcare (the world's third largest pathology provider) to develop and deliver comprehensive AI solutions.


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What clients say

James was very knowledgeable in the blockchain space and used his extensive experience to cover all bases and get the best outcome possible. He was professional and a pleasure to work with.

Ermin Nurovic

Co-Founder - dHEDGE


What clients say

I had the pleasure of working with James in developing IP for novel medical devices. He provided expert advice and guidance in crafting meticulous and thorough applications that considered prior arts, resulting in more impactful patents. Along the way, he was also a good teacher, imparting the art of IP development, which has been especially helpful for my role as a start-up founder.

Rachel Hong

Founder - Meracle


What clients say

James is a very knowledgeable IP specialist. Our company submitted the patent application on a timely manner with James' assistance. His computer science background also played a very important role in understanding our business and invention without too much trouble in order to communicate a complex technology idea in legal language. James was very responsive during the whole process and we are very satisfied with his effort. I highly recommend James to you should you require any patent application assistance.

Hugo Lai

Risk & Compliance - Life Trading


What clients say

I had the opportunity to work closely with James during his time in Singapore. He is a sound patent attorney with a very strong understanding of the clients’ commercial needs. Having worked in Australia, Singapore and later HK, he is well placed to provide a global perspective. He is also a pleasure to work with.

Sheena Jacob

Partner & Head of IP, Technology, Media & Competition - CMS Holborn Asia


What clients say

Worked with James as a client on some international IP fillings. James was very professional and his timely advice enabled us to secure two international patents. Thanks James.

Patrick Ow

Risk Specialist


What clients say

James helped me to prepare US patent document a few years ago, I remembered he did it professionally! Good work! Thanks James

Joanne Yip

Founder - Active Biotechnology (Hong Kong) Company Limited


What clients say

James assisted me in my United States patent application throughout the entire filing process. He communicated extremely well so that I was kept well informed, he managed to capture and cover all aspects of the invention appropriately. Further, he explained all legal issues in a very clear and concise manner, and I would certainly recommend James as a very competent patent attorney.

Bernard Fong

Co-Founder - Bespoke Assistive Care Solutions


What clients say

James is a highly skilled patent expert in the web3, AI, machine learning etc industry. I highly recommend James as he is a highly skilled professional

Leo de Bruin

Founder - ESN Cleer


What clients say

I have had the pleasure of working with James on several occasions and have always been impressed with his level of professionalism and expertise. James has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of machine learning and its applicability to the healthcare industry. He is responsive, communicative, and always goes the extra mile to ensure that the matters are handled efficiently and effectively. I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Catherine Zhu

Founding Partner - W3 Counsel, PC


What clients say

We have always found James’ legal and IP advice precise and efficient. He is patient to explain complex legal concepts and also understand our business goals. He clearly communicates the various approaches to achieve our commercial goals and the risks/costs with each option. He has always done a really good job for when we needed him and we are more than happy to recommend his professional services. All in all, James is very good. Efficient, conscientious, considerate, technically excellent, understanding, helpful, responsive, effectively communicating. We were so lucky to encounter James in our first patent filing journey.

Guinness Siu

Founder - Festive Decor Commercial Display






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Startup Businesses

In Australia, 60% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years*

Contributing to their failure are avoidable reasons like:

  • not registering a trade mark or ensuring freedom to operate
  • not putting in place the right agreements resulting in greater exposure to legal risk
  • permanent loss of valuable IP rights
  • not having a structure that is investor-friendly

These are a few examples of challenges faced by new businesses.

* “Why Small Businesses Fail In Australia”, Huffington Post, 28 Sep 2015

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James is a patent & trade mark attorney and commercial lawyer, with over 21 years of experience spread across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Make James your trusted advisor and leverage his expertise and experience so you can focus on building your business.

James will take care of all your legal and intellectual property needs, including company registration, trademarks, shareholders agreement and more ...

Startup lawyer and Intellectual Property (IP) specialist

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